Healthy Working: MOVE – Free Online Resource

Healthy Working: MOVE is a free online resource that has been developed by Cardinus and Health & Safety Laboratory to highlight the long-term health effects of technology use.

The majority of children in modern day life use computers, tablets and smartphones in ways that would not be acceptable in a workplace and this could have serious implications over time to their posture. Children’s bodies are still developing so it is very important to ensure that they develop in the best possible way.

The statistics involved are a big shock with 72% of primary school children having suffered from back or neck pain in the past year. Children as young as 15 have shown posture related early arthritic changes on x-rays.

It is of major importance that parents and teachers are educated on how to protect children in the classroom and at home from any threats to their health whether current or long term.

Please take time to look at the link and see what changes you can make to greatly improve a child’s or even your own posture whilst working with technology. Please visit

The site also includes a step by step guide on improving the way you work based on the child’s age range.